Quiet Bird Consulting

QuietBird consulting brought world-class expertise and experience to bearupon  product technology problems and delivered the skillsnecessary to bring highly competitive products to market quickly.Services included:

competition technology analysistechnology requirements analysis
architecture designprotocol design
system designtechnology roadmap formulation
technology strategy formulation

Quiet Bird Consulting specialized in:

securitymassively distributed systems
active networkingIntelligence at the network edge
distributed applications

Quiet Bird consulting did not engineer and market its own products. Consequently, its consulting services were free from bias and focused on providing its customers with the best possible solutions, not on selling them its own warehoused technology.

The president of Quiet Bird Consulting, Dan Nessett, had over 25 years of experience in networking and distributed systems. He was Director of Technology Strategy at 3Com Corporation and prior to that a Distinguished Engineer within 3Com’s Technology Development Center. In both capacities, he provided internal consulting services to 3Com’s product divisions. While at 3Com, he concentrated on developing invovatiive technology and became co-inventor on 20 patents. He also holds 2 patents in the area of distributed object systems and 2 patents in the area of Video on Demand technology.

Utilizing the services of Quiet Bird Consulting was a cost-effective way to solve customer's networking and distributed systems technology problems by tapping expertise they did not require on a full-time basis.

Quiet Bird Consulting was shut down in 2004. Its president is now enjoying retirement, composing music and studying physics.

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This brochure summarized Quiet Bird Consulting's services and the value it delivered to its clients.